Have you heard of NAIL CANCER?

Is there a nail on your fingers or toes that has a dark, tan or black spot? You could have “nail cancer” (Subungal Acral Lentiginous Melanoma)

What is it? It is a rare but serious form of skin cancer. Detecting nail cancer early can save your life.

What do I look for? Dark, tan, or black spots on or under your nails on fingers or toes.

What do I do if I have a spot? Talk to your doctor today.

What if I have cancer? Your healthcare team will help to get a biopsy, and hopefully a cure. ACT NOW!

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Art Hoekstra and Maria Drawhorn

Art Hoekstra lost his battle with nail cancer on November 1, 2011. In the last 2 years of his battle he began organizing to get information out on this very rare, often overlooked and extremely deadly form of cancer. He founded the Nail Cancer Awareness Group.

While working to spread awareness, Art met Maria Drawhorn and noticed she had a spot on a finger nail. After bugging her to have it checked out by her doctor, it turned out to be the same rare kind of cancer. Thankfully, Maria was spared the painful realities of being diagnosed at a later stage, and while her finger tip was amputated, her life was spared thanks to Art and the campaign that he began.

Maria is now carrying forward with the task of organizing to get the word out through the Nail Cancer Awareness Group. Hear more about Art and Maria’s story on YouTube.

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Thank you!

I hope that this site can help others!  Art would be very happy to see that this information is out there so that others can be educated about Nail Cancer!

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